Thai Kozo - Cooked & Bleached

$30.00 per half pound

After waiting 6 months to secure a booking on a ship from Asia, we are pleased to announce the boat has arrived! Unfortunately, due to the all too familiar supply chain and shipping issues these days, our own costs skyrocketed and regrettably we've had to raise the price, even though we've lowered our profit margin considerably. We are just relieved that we were able to get this easy-to-use fiber again.

Fiber is damp and is sold by the bag. Each bag weighs 1 1/2 pounds and contains 1/2 pound of fiber when dry.

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This Thai kozo fiber has already been cooked, cleaned and bleached, so we call it the lazy papermaker's fiber. Simply soak it in water, and hand beat it! One may also put it in a blender or Hollander beater. 

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