Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I forget my password? »

Email us at [email protected] to request an auto-generated password. You will receive an email with your new password within a few hours, provided it is during our business hours.

Does the website have the ability to estimate my shipping charges, while I’m trying to figure out what to order? »

Yes. Once you’ve added something to the shopping cart, you can click on the cart on the top right of the homepage. Next select ‘Edit Cart’. This will bring you to a page where after scrolling down, you can select ‘Estimate Shipping & Tax”, insert your shipping state and zip code, and then you will see the shipping estimates. This is particularly useful if you have a small order, and want to maximize the amount of supplies you will get for the same shipping cost. See above question.

I only want 1 ounce of formation aid. Why is it so expensive to ship? »

Unfortunately, there is a minimum UPS charge for up to approximately 5 pounds. So if you order 1 oz of formation aid, the shipping charge will likely be the same as if you were to order 5 pounds of abaca. We urge you to wait until you need a few items, in order to keep your shipping cost more reasonable. See next question for more information.

I want to pick-up in store but when I order online, I can’t figure out how to avoid shipping charges. »

Sign in, and after you fill out the ‘Billing Information’ at checkout, choose the ‘ship to this address’ option (remember, we’re not really shipping, but you have to check off something), then hit ‘continue’. The next ‘shipping method’ window allows you to choose in-store pickup (by appointment only).

Can I walk into your warehouse and buy my papermaking supplies? »

Yes, but you must first make an appointment. If you don’t, we may be in the beater room or out to lunch and will not know that you are at the door. Also, if you know exactly what you want, it would be helpful to order online, and choose in-store pickup at check out.

Can I place an order by phone? »

No. All orders should be placed through the website, though we welcome questions if you need help deciding what to order.

How many sheets of paper can I make from one pound of pulp/fiber? »

One can make approximately 40-60 sheets of 8.5” x 11” paper from one pound of pulp/fiber, depending on thickness.

When will my order be shipped? »

We usually ship either the day we receive an order or the next business day. Beaten pulp obviously takes longer to ship as it is beaten to order and shipping dates depend on how many beaten pulp orders we have. You will receive tracking information as soon as your order is shipped. If you choose second day air as a shipping method, we will expedite your order to the front of the list. Please remember that UPS does not deliver on the weekend and Saturday and Sunday are not considered to be business days.

Can you ship via USPS? »

No, we have had too many bad experiences. We only ship via UPS and FedEx.

How long will beaten pulp last? »

Beaten pulp will last indefinitely, as long as it is wet. If it dries out, then you will need to beat it again to turn it back into a wet pulp. The pulp may begin to smell after a few days but that does not mean the pulp is unusable. If the smell is too much for you, then you can rinse the pulp to lessen the odor. DO NOT add bleach to your pulp. Bleach is not good for your hands and it weakens your fiber. The good news is no matter how bad the pulp smells, your finished paper will not. We have found that adding retention agent (2T per dry lb of pulp/fiber) to the beaten pulp acts as a preservative and helps lessen the odor. Also, if you have the space, and if you don’t plan on using your pulp in the next few weeks, we recommend refrigerating it, or keeping it in a cool place. 

Can I freeze beaten pulp? »

No. Freezing changes the pulp’s properties. If pulp beaten for 8 hours is frozen, it will lose its slow drainage, high shrinkage characteristics.

Where do I find instruction sheets and SDS? »

They are now in two places on our website. 1. On the upper right side of the main navigation menu, under resources. 2. On the product page of each item that requires instructions and/or SDS.

How do I make my own toilet paper? »

Due to the recent shortage, we have been asked this question repeatedly. First consider what type of toilet paper you desire. Are you going for soft, extra soft, premium extra soft, or are you okay with what the industry refers to as ‘brown’ toilet paper, which is made from recycled paper and not known to be soft. Next to consider is how thick you need to make your toilet paper in order to get the job done. The industry layers their toilet paper into 1-ply, 2, 3, and even 4-ply. As hand papermakers, we don’t have to layer the sheets-we can simply make our sheets thin, medium, thick or extra thick. The trick is to balance the degree of softness with thickness, yet maintain the strength and pliability for proper cleanliness. You must also factor in cost; not only of the raw material, but also what your time is worth. 

My fiber of choice would be cooked, cleaned and hand beaten Japanese kozo, formed on a bamboo su with formation aid to make traditional sheets, then pressed and board dried. Because I can, I would spritz my favorite Italian perfume onto each sheet when wet, and once dry, again because I can, I would use my ink jet printer to print an image of my least favorite politician onto each sheet. As satisfying as the end result would be, I personally would never spend that much time and expense making toilet paper. 

A quicker and cheaper option would be to throw some cotton linters into the blender and make a stack of  8.5 “ x 11” sheets of medium thickness, press them, and let them air dry. They will be soft and you should be able to fold or crumple, depending on your preference, and hopefully they will be strong enough to get the job done. Next, does size really matter? A standard square of toilet paper is 4.5” x 4.5” and according to more than one reputable site on the internet, the average consumer uses 8.6 sheets of toilet paper per bathroom visit. You could cut your 8.5 x 11 sheets into 4 sheets, and each would measure 4.25 “ x  5.5”. According to my calculation, based on 10 visits to the toilet per day, you would need to make at least 560 sheets of paper in order to have enough toilet paper for one week for a family of 4.

This next obvious step of the process is so important that I am devoting a new paragraph to it. DO NOT FLUSH. You will clog the toilet. It’s handmade paper. Even flimsy soft cotton paper will not immediately disintegrate in water.

If you feel discouraged after reading this description, then perhaps you may prefer to heed the advice of a prominent physician in Florida who offers this: “As a gastroenterologist I'm doing my best to help people with GI issues during this difficult time.  Here's my hot tip:  take your stash of 2-ply toilet paper, separate the plys of the first piece you would use, then grabbing each piece, have two people walk in opposite directions and unroll the roll, leaving each person with one long 1-ply piece.  Then re-roll each piece, giving you two 1-ply rolls.  This doubles your wiping capacity!!”


What if something I ordered is backordered? »

Occasionally we run out of something and forget to update the website. If that happens, we will email you and send the back ordered item as soon as we get it.

How do I place an International order outside of the US?

International orders: You must call (718) 599-7857 or email [email protected] to receive a custom quote for shipping outside the US. With the exception of Canadian customers, who can checkout normally on our website. 

Please note that all foreign customers / International orders are responsible for any customs fees, taxes or duties.

What do I do if I am tax-exempt? »

1.Create an account at

2. Email a copy of your tax certificate to [email protected] and let us know the email you used when you made your account and we will set you up as a tax-exempt customer.

3. We will notify you by email when your tax exempt account is confirmed. Please remember, you MUST log into your account using the email address connected to the tax exempt account each time you place an order. If you do not, then you will be charged tax.