Our completely equipped studio enables a papermaker to produce sheets of paper or create art works in handmade paper.  Our moulds, vats, felts, vacuum table, hydraulic presses and drying systems are geared to nearly any size work. We have three Hollander beaters for pulp preparation, plus a mixer for adding colorants.  There is also a set-up for Japanese-style papermaking, pulp pouring, and pulp spraying. 

Please telephone us to schedule a session: 718-599-7857 (PULP)

Studio Rentals/Artist Collaborations »

Artists may rent the studio by the day to work on specific projects. A collaboration includes:

  • A prior consultation concerning the artist’s projects, so that the necessary pulps and supplies can be prepared in advance
  • Preparation of pulps – beating, coloring, sizing, etc., in accordance with the artist’s specifications.
  • Use of our papermaking equipment.
  • Full-time assistance throughout the day by a member of our staff.
  • Drying of completed work. (There may be an additional fee for drying of large or 3-d work) If finished work has to be shipped to the artist, there is a fee for packing and shipping.

Work hours: 10 am to 4 pm, plus another ½ hour for clean-up.

Fee: $650 for one day; each additional day is $530.

Two people may share the studio for $860. for one day: each additional day is $660.

Please telephone us to schedule a session: 718-599-7857

Private Teaching Sessions »

Our private teaching sessions are becoming increasingly more popular as we can tailor a session to one’s specific learning goals. We offer these specialized classes on all aspects of papermaking from introductory courses to specialized sessions including Japanese papermaking, Hollander beater tutorial, watermarking, coloring pulp, sculptural papermaking, or any papermaking topic.


  • Five-hour Private Session: $525. for one person; each additional participant: $170. 
  • Three-Hour Private Session: $395. for one person; each additional participant: $135.
  • One-Hour Individual Consultation: $150.

Please telephone us to schedule a session: 718-599-7857

Group Programs »

We offer specially tailored papermaking programs, in the form of a lecture, demonstration, or hands-on sessions, for groups of up to 20 people. The programs can emphasize historical aspects of papermaking, technical procedures, or artistic techniques.  

A popular program is a one-hour talk and explanation of artifacts from the International Paper Museum, and a one-hour hands-on session. We dry the paper and mail it back the following day. 

Fee:  $300 per hour

It is also possible to give programs/lectures/workshops at other locations. Kindly contact us for further information.