About Carriage House Paper

Carriage House Paper LLC, located in Williamsburg - Brooklyn New York, houses our showroom for handmade paper, papermaking supplies and equipment, and is our teaching and papermaking facility. 

Donna Koretsky

Co-founder and owner of Carriage House Paper; BA in Art, University of California/Santa Cruz. Donna has done field research in papermaking techniques in Japan, Korea, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and throughout Europe. She is also the director of the International Paper Museum.  Her sculptural works have been exhibited internationally, and are in many private collections. Donna writes the column “Along the Paper Road…” for Hand Papermaking newsletter.

Shannon Brock

Art Director of Carriage House Paper; BFA, Kansas City Art Institute, papermaker and artist.  She has taught papermaking throughout the US and Aurstralia.  Her pulp paintings and sculptural work is exhibited nationally and internationally. Shannon has served on the Board of Directors for Friends of Dard Hunter, Hand Papermaking Magazine and is a member of the pulp painting group Pulparazzi.

Mackenzie Kimler

Studio assistant; BFA, The Cooper Union, 2018, focussing on papermaking and printmaking. 

Elaine Koretsky (1932-2018)

Co-founder of Carriage House; A.B., Cornell University. Elaine authored/edited six books and numerous articles dealing with technical or historical aspects of papermaking and produced 17 documentary films. She was involved in field research in traditional papermaking throughout the world, and is fondly referred to as the modern day Dard Hunter.