Set of 15 Regular Pigments


We are thrilled to be adding four new colors to our line of pigments. This sample set now contains all 15 of our Aardvark pigments in 2-ounce jars. These water dispersed pigments are exceptionally light fast, yield intense colors, and are formulated specifically for the coloring of paper pulp. The pigments are blue-15, phthalocyanine, blue-29 ultramarine, green-7 phthalocyanine, yellow-83 azo yellow/orange, yellow-74 azo lemon yellow, yellow-42 iron oxide ochre, red-170 brilliant red, violet-19 quindo red, violet-23 carbazole dioxazine, black-7 carbon, white-6 titanium dioxide, and our new pigments are brown iron oxide, burnt umber, raw umber, and red-101 iron oxide. 

Description »
Aardvark pigments are easy to use and require no rinsing. To ensure maximum color intensity and proper adhesion to the pulp, a retention agent must be added to the pulp before the pigment is applied. Our pigments are supplied by volume sizes. The actual weight varies, depending upon the density of the pigment. There is enough to color approximately 24 pounds of dry pulp, depending upon the depth of shade, averaging 1 ounce of pigment per pound of dry pulp.

You will need retention agent to enable the pigment to properly adhere to the pulp.

Instruction Sheets: Aardvark Regular Pigments