Sale! 3 Books by Elaine Koretsky


1. The Goldbeaters of Mandalay 

2. Killing Green

3. A Gathering of Papermakers

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1. The Goldbeaters of Mandalay     Based on 5 expeditions to Burma, this is an account of the remarkable bamboo paper, made entirely by hand, for use in the goldbeating process. The book is a "must" for papermakers who are interested in paper history and extraordinary papermaking processes.

2. Killing Green  Elaine Koretsky traveled in China for more than a quarter century visiting remote papermaking villages and documented how paper is still being made by hand. This book not only describes the people, places, and techniques witnessed by Koretsky, but it is also an entertaining biography of an intrepid scholar who has devoted her life to papermaking by hand.

3. A Gathering of Papermakers   Edited by Elaine, this book contains important articles dealing with special ways to work with paper as an art form, as well as accounts of old papermaking that still exist today in remote parts of the world. The text and photos represent special programs sponsored by Carriage House Paper in 1985. Topics covered by various well-known papermakers/artists including Winifred Lutz.