Retention Agent

For use in coloring pulps, this liquid retention agent enables the pigments to adhere to the pulp, ensuring a color's full intensity and eliminating any need to rinse the pulp.
Retention Agent

Pint Retention Agent

Retention Agent

Quart Retention Agent

Retention Agent

Gallon Retention Agent

Retention Agent

5 Gallon Retention Agent

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We have developed an outstanding pigmenting system, using this retention agent to ensure that pigment and pulp are completely bonded, and there will be no bleed to the finished paper or art work. Our retention agent is pale yellow in color and needs no refrigeration. It is a resinous cationic liquid in a concentrated form and should be diluted in water before using. In order to know what quantity to order, figure on the same quantity of retention agent as the amount of pigment you require. Directions for use are below.

Instruction Sheets: Retention Agent
Safety Data Sheets: Retention Agent