Reina Beater - 2 lb. Model


Beaters are made to order and there is currently a wait list of fourteen months.

Please telephone us at 718-599-7857 for more information.

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A Hollander beater is capable of developing special properties of bonding, strength, translucency and color intensity in pulp and paper. We recommend the Reina beater, which is rugged, dependable, and highly suitable for a professional hand papermaking studio. We have been using one in our studio for years, and find it ideal. It features a traditional Hollander design, with an adjustable roll operated by a hand crank, for precision beating. The beater is easy to clean and maintain. Its capacity is 2 pounds of dry fiber or pulp, with 14 gallons of water. It comes assembled, with its own stand of heavy gauge stainless steel. Stainless steel is used for the tub, bedplate, shaft, cover and beater bars. The bars are set into a bronze roll. Motor is 1 h.p.

This 2-lb. model now comes with casters and a digital height indicator. The indicator shows the precise space adjustment between the roll and the bedplate allowing the user to know the exact position of the roll, and ensuring accurate duplication of beating. The heavy duty casters enable one to easily move the beater. Once in place, locking mechanisms keep the machine stationary.

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