International Paper Museum-Brookline, MA

The international Paper Museum in Brookline MA

Dong sewing bags, Guizhou province, China. Photo: Kathleen Tyler.

Hand Papermaking Magazine's 25th Anniversary Surprise party, at the International Paper Museum, 2011.

Spirit paper made of bamboo fiber, from Guizhou province, China. Photo: Kathleen Tyler.

Goldbeater's packet of paper, wrapped in deerskin, Mandalay, Myanmar.

Folded Burmese money, used in donation ceremonies, Taungyi, Myanmar.

Tattoo books made from mulberry fiber, Inle lake, Myanmar.

The International Paper Museum is located in Brookline, Massachusetts, and features dynamic exhibitions relating to historical hand papermaking from all over the world. It is sponsored by the Research Institute of Paper History and Technology, a 501(C)(3) non-profit education organization established in 1994. The institute's permanent collection consists of rare books dealing with historical papermaking, handmade papers that represent nearly every part of the world, and tools and equipment that have been used for making paper over the centuries. 

Our current exhibition, Paper Curiosities, includes examples of paper made from unusual materials, processed by extraordinary methods, and used in unique ways. We welcome all visitors by appointment only. The museum is located inside the original Carriage House Paper at 8 Evans Rd., Brookline, MA. This was the first hand papermaking studio in Massachusetts, established in 1975 by Elaine Koretsky and Donna Koretsky. The Carriage House is a distinctive stucco building with an orange tile roof, built in 1904 to house one of the first horseless carriages in the town. When Donna moved her studio and the supplies business to New York in the early 90’s, the Carriage House was reorganized as the non-profit Research Institute and Paper Museum.

Donna is now the director and welcomes all visitors by appointment only. There is a suggested donation of $20 per visitor which includes a personalized tour and opportunity to make a sheet of paper.

Please email [email protected] to make an appointment to visit the museum.