Coagulant (PNS)

Simply add this powder to water to make a viscous and slippery mixture which will act either as a formation aid or a flocculant, depending on how it is used.
Coagulant (PNS)

1 oz. Coagulant (PNS)

Coagulant (PNS)

4 oz. Coagulant (PNS)

Coagulant (PNS)

8 oz. Coagulant (PNS)

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When used in combination with either sizing or retention agent, PNS acts as a flocculant, the opposite of formation aid. We use it with colored pulps to get special effects in decorative papers; it allows one to use different colored pulps in the same vat and have the individual colored fiber remain distinct. This is a polyacrylamide powder (PNS) which will also act as an excellent, viscous formation aid when no additives are present. We use the PNS for Japanese papermaking whenever colorants are not used.
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