Aardvark Press



Please email us at [email protected] or telephone us at 718-599-7857 to order a press and get a shipping quote.

Description »
This medium sized press is extremely versatile for every papermaking studio. The frame is steel, coated with rust-proof enamel paint. It has a 12-ton hydraulic jack with a high quality pressure gauge to give the user greater control, an aluminum drain tray, and two high density polyethylene boards, 16”x 24”. The upper platen is 3/8” steel, 16”x 23”. These presses have a 1/4” steel bottom platen to ensure even pressing. One can press paper with a width of up to 16” and any length, depending on the length of the pressboards.

The Aardvark press is light enough when disassembled, to make it portable, and we take one to all our workshops outside the Carriage House (though it takes 2 people to transport it). The press is shipped fully assembled, however it can be easily disassembled.

Press may be picked up at Carriage House or shipped by truck, in which case it must be crated. To order an Aardvark press or to get a shipping quote, please email us at [email protected]

Weight of press, fully assembled, uncrated: 175 pounds

Crated weight: 225 pounds