Heavyweight Polyester Felt Alternative - Full Roll - 100 Yards on a Tube

$450.00 per 100 yards on a tube
Description »
This multi-purpose polyester fabric is a non-woven material, somewhat similar to an interfacing fabric. It is available in three weights and we constantly use them all in our studio in a variety of ways. The heavyweight is a fine substitute for the traditional wool papermaking felt that has become prohibitively expensive. We often use them as an alternative to real felts in our own studio, using 'real' felts only on the bottom and on the top of the post of paper. We also maintain a set specifically for couching 'white' paper. We place a polyester layer onto a woolen papermaking felt, hose it down with water and couch our clean, fuzz-free, white sheets directly onto the heavyweight polyester. We place another polyester sheet over the wet paper and cover it with a woolen felt. We also use the heavyweight polyester in our drying system, putting the wet sheets of paper between 2 layers of heavyweight polyester, to keep the blotters clean. Heavyweight polyester is also excellent as a support material in vacuum table work. To clean the polyester felts, simply hose them off with water, and allow to dry.