Professional Wove Mould and Deckle - 8.5" x 11"


Made exclusively for Carriage House Paper, these beautiful moulds & deckles are a necessity for any serious papermaker.

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The moulds and deckles are handmade from ashwood and finished with linseed oil. They are fitted with finger joints and the deckle nests comfortably over the mould. These moulds have two layers of bronze screening hand sewn into the wooden backing ribs: a mesh for support and a woven surface for sheet forming. The backing ribs ensure rigidity, optimal drainage, and effortless couching.  The mould is finished with brass trim and has a comfortable weight of 2.3 pounds. These beautiful tools are a pleasure to use and will last a lifetime if cared for properly. Made exclusively for Carriage House Paper.

Here is a video of Shannon using the Professional Mould and Deckle which couches perfectly onto heavyweight polyester alternative


- Using our fire hose nozzle, spray front and back after every papermaking session, then lay flat on dry surface until dry. Store in a dry, safe place.

- With regular use, we recommend re-coating with linseed oil once every two years.