Linguistic Analysis of the Chinese Role in Papermaking


Lecture by Sidney Koretsky

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Sidney Koretsky acknowledges that the original idea for this lecture given at the Dard Hunter Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2005 came from a report read by Dr. Peter Tschudin at the IPH meeting in Vienna in 1992. Dr. Tschudin reported that he had received information from a certain Comrade T'su Din that the invention of paper involved many distinguished Chinese whose names he proceeded to disclose. A Linguistic Analysis of the Chinese Role in Papermaking is in fact a spoof, inspired by Tschudin but the presentation is augmented and illustrated by vivid color slides taken by Sidney when he accompanied his wife Elaine Koretsky on her 16 paper research expeditions in remote rural villages in China. Despite the transparent hoax, the slides are authentic and depict the various steps and methods used in papermaking and present an invaluable historical record. Running time: 35 minutes. 2005.
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