Sisal Pulp, Unbleached

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Special Price $7.50 per pound

We have a limited amount of sisal pulp left, and need to make room on our shelves for our new pulps, so we are selling it at a 25% discount. 

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Sisal pulp is in sheet form and sold by the pound. Each sheet measures 27" x 29.5" and weighs approximately 1.45 pounds. However we may cut sheets to fit more easily into boxes. Sisal can be processed very easily in a kitchen blender or other form of mixer if a Hollander beater is unavailable.

Sisal is a leaf fiber-the fibers are obtained from the leaves of the sisal plant, botanically known as Agave sisalina. The fiber in the sword-shaped leaves is removed in a process called decortication. Our sisal fiber is from Kenya; but it is made into pulp in the Philippines.

We have made exquisite paper from this pulp. It has a similar crispness in feel to the unbleached abaca.  Sisal paper is somewhat translucent after only 1 hour in the beater and a little lighter in color than abaca.

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