Papermaking-in-Depth - 5 Day Intensive


Emphasizing both 2-D and 3-D techniques, these five days will be an intensive yet fun adventure. A different aspect of papermaking will be covered each day, resulting in a complete education of the many possibilities of working flat and sculptural. Expect to go home with a large portfolio of handmade paper 

Workshop Hours: 10 am - 4 pm 

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Day1: Sheet forming:  Fiber/pulp preparation, sheet forming, and drying technique overview. Coloring of pulp, effects of translucency and opacity, use of formation aid and coagulant to create special effects. Participants will make their own watermarks.

Day 2: Sculptural Papermaking: Methods of controlling shrinkage to make sculpture; coiling; creating sculpture with and without armatures

Day 3: Vacuum Table and Pulp Spraying: Using our 4' x 6' vacuum table, participants will create low or high relief pieces, large or small, free-form or shaped works using the studio's many deckles and colored pulps.  Working outdoors and using a pulp sprayer with stencils, participants will spray layers of colored pulp to form large sheets.

Day 4 and 5: More 3-D techniques, Pulp Pouring and Pulp Painting: Armatures will be covered with pulp by pouring, dipping, and piecing using both high and low shrinkage pulps. Large sheets will be poured using a fully self contained system for making paper without a vat. Finely beaten and pigmented pulp will be applied to a base sheet using paint brushes, squeeze bottles, and stencils.

There will be one evening program with an optional group dinner at a local restaurant afterward.