Carriage House Handmade Paper is created in our papermaking studio located in Brooklyn, New York. We use long fibered pulps including abaca, flax, cotton and Asian bast fibers. No synthetic fiber, wood pulp or recycled paper is used. The fiber is mixed with pure water of neutral pH and beaten to a pulp in a Reina Hollander beater. Each sheet is individually formed using a traditional mould and deckle; therefore each sheet has deckle edges on all sides. Each newly formed sheet is couched onto a felt, and the post of wet paper is pressed in a hydraulic press and restraint dried. We only color our pulp with pigments that have excellent light fastness properties so the finished paper will not fade in sunlight. Both the material and techniques used ensure the longevity and strength of our paper.
All our paper is made to order.  It is ideal for printmaking, drawing, painting, letterpress printing, calligraphy, and anything for which handmade paper is desired.  It can be sized or unsized.  There is a minimum order of $250.  Please call us for a price quote and to discuss your project.

Custom Paper Orders 

718.599.7857 or


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Sprayed pulp

P 1 2

Gold crinkle paper

P 1 3

'Ashley' by Ben Durham.  Graphite on 1/2 inch thick paper

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Deckle edges

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Pagoda paper

Possibilities Include

  1. Paper and envelopes for wedding invitations, baby announcements, special announcements
  2. Paper for book projects, end papers, book covers/jackets
  3. Paper that is highly decorative
  4. Paper in custom sizes and irregular shapes
  5. Paper that is translucent or highly textured
  6. Paper that is extremely thick or thin
  7. Paper for collage
  8. Paper made from exotic fibers
  9. Paper that is huge! This is accomplished by spraying the pulp, so the size is limitless
  10. Paper can be matched to nearly any color
  11. We also create custom watermarks

Please telephone us to discuss your project. 718.599.7857


Other Information About Our Custom Paper

Our Moulds

Our paper is formed on traditional moulds made either by the Amies Company in England or Timothy Moore in the US.

Our Sizes Include:

  1. 8" x 12" laid
  2. 8 ½" x 11" laid
  3. 11" x 14" laid
  4. 7 ½" x 18" wove
  5. 6 ½" x 21 ½" wove
  6. 18" x 24" laid and wove
  7. 19" x 25" laid and wove
  8. 22" x 30" laid and wove
  9. Larger sizes are poured using a pulp-pouring mould or vacuum table and really large sheets are sprayed.

Examples of Past Projects:

  1. Spraying 12 foot long sheets of paper that were used as backdrops for a part of the MTV awards.
  2. Forming 22" x 30" highly translucent flax paper used in the litho printing of a limited edition book
  3. Pouring large thick sheets, used for intricate drawings with graphite. Each sheet is 3 1/2 feet by 5 feet, 1/2 inch

Paper Samples

P Image A

Sample packet of assorted Carriage House Paper;

includes a variety of fibers, colors and sizes up to 11" x 14".


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P Image B

Bag O'Scraps

ideal for collage, 1/4 pound of assorted handmade paper seconds.


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