New-Style Mould & Deckle - 8.5" x 11"


We are excited to offer a limited number of these beautiful moulds made by Tom Bannister. 

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These beautifully well-made moulds are made of Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) grown in New Zealand. The moulds have rabbeted corners reinforced with hidden brass screws. The facing is a 30-mesh polypropylene screening secured with epoxy. The screening shrinks when heat is applied, so it can be tightened using a hair dryer. The mesh edge is hidden and secured by a decorative teak perimeter. Every mould has a custom-fitted deckle that is shaped for comfort and for proper sheet formation. The deckle corners are strengthened with teak splines. All the wood is finished with multiple coats of epoxy. The finished mould and deckle together have a thickness of about one inch.

Mould weighs almost 1 pound.