Formation Aid (PEO)

Simply add this powder to water to make a viscous and slippery mixture. When added to a vat of pulp, it slows down the drainage when forming sheets of paper.

Formation Aid (PEO)

1 ounce Formation Aid (PEO)

Formation Aid (PEO)

4 ounces Formation Aid (PEO)

Formation Aid (PEO)

8 ounces Formation Aid (PEO)

Formation Aid (PEO)

Pound Formation Aid (PEO)

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Used in Japanese papermaking as a deflocculant for long-fibered pulps, it keeps the fibers from entangling and allows one to dip the mould into the vat many times to form thin, translucent sheets. Formation aid is also invaluable for pulp painting, pulp pouring, and is useful for various other western papermaking techniques. Also called neri or synthetic tororo-aoi, this is technically polyethylene oxide (PEO). PEO is a special type of formation aid that is completely compatible with all other additives, e.g., retention agent and sizing.
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