Classic Mould & Deckle - 8.5" x 11"


We are pleased to announce that our 'classic' moulds and deckles are now made by a craftsman from Northern New York's Amish country.

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They are beautifully crafted from African mahogany wood and a pleasure to make paper with. All pieces are twice cut and laminated to resist warping. Box joints are used throughout for extra strength. The form fitting deckle has been routed on the underside to assure true alignment to the mould and features a maple drop down edge for extra durability. Heat shrinking polypropylene screening is joined to the mould during assembly process, ensuring proper tension and giving the mould a neat, clean appearance. Two coats of teak oil provide additional water resistance. Weight of mould & deckle is 1.5 pounds.

Care instructions are included.

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