Kenaf Pulp, Unbleached

Kenaf Pulp, Unbleached

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Kenaf pulp is in sheet form and sold by the pound.  Each sheet measures 23.5" x 31.5" and weighs approximately 1.15 pounds. Kenaf pulp can be processed very easily in a kitchen blender or other form of mixer if a Hollander beater is unavailable.

We are excited about this new pulp that is available from us for the first time as of January 2016.  The kenaf plant, botanically known as Hibiscus cannabinus L., is related to cotton.  It yields two distinct types of fiber for papermaking;  Long bast fibers come from the bark, and short fat woody fibers come from the core.  The combination of these long and short fibers give the finished paper a strong yet soft feel, similar to that of paper made from combining abaca and cotton. Our kenaf fiber was grown in Bangladesh and processed into pulp in the Philippines.