Cotton Pulp - Cotton Comber Noil

Cotton Pulp - Cotton Comber Noil

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Cotton pulp - cotton comber noil  is in sheet form and sold by the pound. Each sheet measures 32" x 20.5" and weighs 2 pounds.

This is a pure cotton fiber by-product that is generated during ring spun yarn production. The manufacturer begins with staple cotton, cleans it, and then combs it. The shorter fiber that is removed during this combing process is made into our cotton pulp. The pulp mill then processes it with sodium hydroxide, and refines it in a combination of a tornado pulper and conical refiners. It is bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Fiber length is 1.32 mm.
This is the same pulp that we formerly (and mistakenly) called cotton rag. It produces strong and crisp paper.